Why choose Hypnobirthing?

Why Hypnobirthing? Well, simply put, because it REALLY works!!

When aiming for any monumental event you would surely have a plan in place that ensures you are both physically and mentally prepared to perform at your peak on the day? Why would your birth be any different, when for many people it is one of the most emotionally, mentally and physically demanding events they are likely to face?

Hypnobirthing gives you the knowledge to understand how your body will work physically on the day of your birth, but will also give you the tools to cope mentally and emotionally too. We strongly believe that your birth partner (whoever that may be) should play a significant role during both your pregnancy and during your labour, so our sessions will focus on you working as a team, with both of you having significant parts to play.

Unlike many traditional antenatal courses, our Hypnobirthing course is an antenatal course that puts its focus on what can go right and gives you the knowledge to make informed choices, allowing you to be more in control of your pregnancy & birth.

Often people assume that Hypnobirthing means no pain relief, and to an extent this is true but that’s not because it’s ‘not allowed’, it’s simply because we find a lot of women practicing our Hypnobirthing techniques find they don’t actually need pain relief; even when they were very open to the option of using it if necessary.

The same can be said for planned medicalised births; you may think that because you already know that you will have to have medical intervention such as induction due to complications, that Hypnobirthing would be a waste of time. This really isn’t the case, in fact it could be said that in these situations Hypnobirthing becomes even more valuable. Hypnobirthing isn’t about ‘natural labour’ at all costs, it’s about giving you the tools to approach your birth feeling informed and prepared whatever the situation on the day.

However, not everyone who attends our classes is fearful of birth. Some of our mums are very confident that their body knows how to birth their baby. So why do they sign up for our classes? Because they know they can only make informed choices if they have the information. They want to know in advance the possible options, routes and processes that might happen. We know that birth most definitely can’t be planned to the nth degree, but knowing that we have choices and what those choices are, makes all the difference.

You will learn that it is important to know that you do have options – sometimes you might be being encouraged towards an induction, for example, simply because you’re approaching your due date, but did you know that this might result in a more medicalised birth?

We teach you how to make your decisions based on evidence and to consider what other options you might have. So Hypnobirthing is also about education, knowing what you can do and making those decisions for yourself.

We teach you how to speak up and be confident in your choices. This is also where the role of the birth partner comes in – someone who can know what you want and help to make decisions for you to protect the environment you’re in.

Ultimately Hypnobirthing is a positive approach to labour & birth, that focuses on informing and empowering Women and their Birth Partners on what will be one of the most special events in their lives.

Why choose The Positive Hypnobirthing Company?

Not all Hypnobirthing classes are the same. Many classes only include 3-8 hours of face-to-face tuition.  With our classes you get10-12 hours, because we know that is what it takes to cover the full Hypnobirthing syllabus. And since we don’t know what you will need on the day, we don’t cut our classes short. 

Some classes have a maximum of 8-12 couples per class. We have a maximum of 3 couples on our group classes, which means we can focus on each couple and your individual birth preferences. So when comparing classes and costs, do ask the right questions and check that you are comparing like-for-like. 

Previously operating under the name of Hypnobirthing Canterbury, we have been successfully running our classes since 2006. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on and our past clients speak very highly of us.


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Hypnobirthing Philosophy?

Although the term ‘HypnoBirthing’ is becoming more widely known, there is still an element of misconception around what it actually involves. So let’s start by eliminating some of your potential concerns about why Hypnobirthing may be a bit too airy-fairy for you!

No, in order to use the HypnoBirthing method you don’t have to have a water birth, you don’t have to refuse pain relief and you don’t have to surround yourself with symbolic, organic sheeting that’s been handcrafted by an ancient mountain tribe……… although we are certainly not saying you shouldn’t or can’t!

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s look at what HypnoBirthing can do for you!

HypnoBirthing is centred around the fact that birth is a natural process that the female body is perfectly well equipped to handle. Unfortunately over decades of hearing horror stories about birth; because let’s face it everyone loves sharing an awful birthing experience with a pregnant woman, we have learned to fear birth, and have an expectation that it will be a horrible experience. It is this fear that interrupts with the body’s natural birthing processes – what the mind believes, the body achieves!

We will be teaching you not only the physiology of how your body is designed to work during birth, but also the necessary techniques to allow you to approach your birth confidently, calmly and ultimately free from fear. HypnoBirthing is based on scientific & biological processes.

There will be no smoke & mirrors, “look into my eyes not around the eyes” hypnosis & we certainly won’t convince you you’re a chicken! The hypnosis techniques we use are designed specifically to unlearn negative beliefs, release any fears and ultimately teach you to deeply relax so your body can crack on with what it is designed to do.

We believe that however, or where ever you decide to birth your baby, and whatever path your birthing day takes, these techniques will ensure that you and your birth partner will be able to look back on the event as a positive, empowering experience.

“I have told anyone that will listen about our positive, happy birth experience and believe that a Caesarean Section, whilst not a natural birth, has its own place in Hypnobirthing and indeed continued to do so for me in my recovery. I listened daily to the ‘Healing Room’ MP3 that Jacque sent over. I feel that the Hypnobirthing helped on different levels in the tools it offered, as well as in accepting in a relaxed, confident way the course that my birthing was going to take, as well as in my recovery. Moreover, the calm hypno baby that emerged that day!” Sarah.

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