We connect other hypnobirthing parents in their community, through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, allowing them to build networks and access services to enable them to feel more connected and less isolated. 

Through social events we aim to provide support to new Hypnobirthing parents within groups and communities who often experience day-to-day challenges.

The objectives of this service are:

  • to improve mental wellbeing 
  • reduce social isolation and loneliness
  • improve confidence and self-esteem
  • enable parents to benefit from other local services

Through social events we aim to offer support that focuses on engaging and supporting families throughout their birth. We combine local community support with our expertise in pregnancy and childbirth and parent support.

Our vision is to build a community where no parent is isolated and all feel supported. 

We hope that working in partnership with Hypnobirthing families, will allow us to provide the best possible support for parents and children within the community.

At The Positive Hypnobirthing Company we work closely with a number of other highly experienced birth professionals.  Here are a few that we recommend:

Kay Hardie, Independent Midwife.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have such an experienced Midwife as Kay in East Kent. Indeed when we train new practitioners, Kay is the midwife we employ to teach the birthing aspects of our classes.  Whenever our clients employ Kay as their midwife, we know they are in good hands.  We also know that continuity of carer improves outcomes, so if there’s anyway you can find the funds for an Independent Midwife, it will be money well spent.


Sarah Reed, Doula.

I first met Sarah a few years ago when she was a client, pregnant with her second baby.  Now she is a fully trained birth and post-natal Doula, offering her services in East Kent.


Soshanna Hayhoe

I’ve known Soshanna for many years, since she was a Hypnobirthing Practitioner in London.  Always involved in pregnancy, birth and beyond, these days her focus is on placentas and slings.


Sarah Saville

Sarah and her team offer a whole array of classes for your little one, including infant massage, baby signing, sensory classes and sleep workshops.


Madeleine Shepley

Madeleine is a recognised birth doula who comes recommended from some of my previous Hypnobirthing Canterbury Clients.

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