Birth Photography

Being at a birth is always a privilege. Whether Jacque is there as a doula, a hypnobirthing practitioner, a birth photographer….or sometimes a blend of all 3, it is an emotional, once in a lifetime chance to witness and record a very special moment in time.

“Jacque was a welcome and unobtrusive chameleon during the birth of our second child. She blended seamlessly into our birthing environment, knowing instinctively when to step into the shadows and allow us to proceed as a family, letting her camera do the work, and when her input as a hypnobirthing practitioner might be welcome. She was subtle, gentle, calm and cool. Everything we had hoped. Had I not known, I could never have guessed that ours was the first birth Jacque had attended. The films and photographs are delicate and professional and she took on my requests carefully and with consideration. We could not have asked any more of Jacque than she delivered on the day and if you would like a unique and magical memento of the first day of your baby's life, you're in the right place and in the safest hands possible. Jacque is a special find, and what she gives is a priceless gift you will treasure forever.”

Harriet and Brett Evans (and our baby film star, Bella born March 2013)

Every birth is unique and as a birth photographer, a large part of Jacque’s role is to get to know you and your family before the big day. It is so important that you feel completely comfortable with anyone who is part of your birthing day.

As your birth photographer, Jacque will be on call for 4-5 weeks, which makes this completely different from any other photographic assignment. Each birth photography package is tailored to your wishes and requirements. For example, you may also wish to include a baby bump photo session and a newborn photoshoot.

You may ask yourself ‘why can’t my birth partner just take a few photos?’ Well, in our experience your birth partner will have plenty to do without the additional worry of making sure they capture the event. So many of the couples we meet in our work as  Hypnobirthing Practitioners have said  afterwards, ‘With hindsight, I so wish we had asked you to come along to photograph our birth’.

Jacque aims to capture the natural rawness of birth, whilst blending into the background and allowing you and your birthing partner to get on with what you have to do. This is not about asking you to pose or look at the camera; it is about capturing a very special moment in time. One that you can look back on forever.

If you would like to know more and/or discuss your requirements, please give me a call.

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