With our fertility clients, there is no set programme as each couple is unique. We ask you to commit to 6 sessions where we will explore any issues and do whatever needs to be done to achieve an optimum fertile state of both mind and body.

Most women go to considerable lengths to keep their body free of toxins and exposure to harmful elements when trying to conceive. Why then, allow destructive habits and thought patterns to damage the fragile environment needed to conceive?

“We had been trying for a baby for over 8 years and having been diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’ had undergone 5 attempts at IVF.  I went to a HypnoFertility Consultant for support in preparation for a 6th attempt but after 2 sessions I found out I was pregnant NATURALLY.  My husband and I had been doing lots of things to make sure our bodies were in the best shape for the treatment to work but after my first session of hypnotherapy I just felt like everything came together.”

With our fertility clients, there is no set programme as each couple is unique, with different needs and issues. However, we do ask you to commit to 6 sessions, of approximately 60-90 minutes, each to give us chance to explore the issues and do whatever needs to be done to achieve an optimum fertile state of both mind and body.

These session will be fortnightly at first and then monthly or more.

Is there any support outside of mysessions?

Yes, you will also be given:

  • A Stress Reduction MP3
  • Additional Fertility MP3s as appropriate
  • Handouts
  • Telephone support during the course of your treatment for ongoing help and advice.

What if I can’t be hypnotised?

A common myth about hypnosis is that it is something that someone else “does to you.”But in fact, ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF HYPNOSIS. If you are willing and can concentrate and follow basic instructions, you can put yourself into the hypnotic state needed to bring about personal change (including a change in fertility conditions).

Is there any scientific proof that it works?

There have been a lot of studies that support hypnosis for fertility.  Here are just a few:

An Israeli study showed that the success rate of IVF treatments doubled in his test group from 14% to 28%, when the subjects underwent hypnosis during implantation. Professor Eliahu Levitas conducted this study with 185 women.

Dr. Gayle Peterson has developed a technique called Body-Centred Hypnosis. Dr. Peterson has found that high anxiety states in the mother must be reduced in order to normalise pregnancy and birth. She sites several research studies that suggest a positive link between fertility and treatments based on hypnosis. She is a pioneer in the field of mind/body states and their effects on fertility, pregnancy and birthing.

Dr. Alice Domar has been published in several important journals, such as Fertility & Sterility(1990 and 2000) and the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association(1999). She emphasises “mind/body” techniques that include self-hypnotic suggestions to reduce stresses that interfere with conception and healthy pregnancy. Domar is the author of Conquering Infertility, and other books on the topic

Dr. Ernest L. Rossi specializes in psychobiology, or the relationship between the mind and physical body states. He has done extensive research to suggest that human genes must be in a state of physical readiness for conception to take place, and that hypnotic-type suggestions can activate specific genes, including the IL-1, c-fos, and the CYP17 in a specific order.

What do your clients say?

“Things seemed to be taking its time, and I sadly miscarried. Due to other symptoms, I needed an investigation. I was told I would not be able to get pregnant naturally again due to scar tissue and blocked fallopian tubes, and IVF was my best chance. As I already had a son, we would have to pay for this privately.

I was devastated; I had always wanted at least 2 children. I then found out that Jacque was now trained in HypnoFertility and decided to go and see her. I prefer the natural approach and found the idea of IVF too invasive and too medicalised; I had strong feelings that I wanted a baby created out of an act of love rather than in a test tube, even though I was well aware that my husband & I would be creating a baby in a loving relationship.

Jacque was fantastic! She listened when I wanted to speak, was non-judgmental & we went through many guided hypnotherapy sessions, that all helped relax me, heal from the emotional and physical scars. Soon I stopped feeling that each period was a failure, but that with each period I was getting closer to my baby. Soon I had the wonderful news we had been wanting, I was pregnant again! And 9 months later we had a beautiful baby girl!”

How many sessions will I need and where are they held?

Weekly or fortnightly sessions of 60-90 minutes. An average programme will consist of six sessions. Sessions are held in Ickham.

Please contact us for availability and prices.

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