Hypno Fertility

Tired of being told to stop trying so hard and let it happen? Does the word “relax” just make you more tense? How do you get to that special place that makes conception a natural, likely occurrence?

Our unprecedented hypnotherapy program does more than just relax you while in the hypnotherapy session. You’ll learn to easily find that relaxed state that opens the door to conception whether natural or medically assisted.

Created and conducted by Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor Lynsi Eastburn, and based on her tens of thousands of clinical hours, the HypnoFertility® program has the best possible proof of its success—COUNTLESS BABIES!

Lynsi is a pioneer in the field of hypnosis for fertility and I have trained personally with Lynsi in her methods. It is the first EVER to offer fertility hypnosis certification training anywhere. Lynsi was presented with the Hypnosis Research Award from the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2005, and featured on the cover of the Journal of Hypnotism in 2009 for just this very reason.

Worry = Negative Self-Hypnosis

You have probably gone to considerable lengths to keep your body free of toxins and exposure to any harmful elements. Why, then would you allow destructive emotions, thought patterns, or subconscious blocks to damage the fragile environment needed to conceive?

Hypnotherapy = Positive Change

We can help you to transform that fearful energy into a powerful, constructive force. And unlike some medical treatments, hypnotherapy can benefit both male and female parents-to-be. Hypnotherapy is safe, requiring no drugs or expensive equipment. It complements virtually any medical procedure with impressive results, often making any such procedure work much better! Natural fertility has come as a surprise for our clients, even those for whom assisted reproductive methods have failed, and even for those who were told they would never have a baby of their own.

Increase Your Chances

Each year millions of dollars are spent to overcome infertility. While modern medicine has improved, vast amounts of dollars and emotion are spent in pursuit of pregnancies that never happen. HypnoFertility® represents a safe and powerful way of increasing fertility.

What do my clients say?

“Things seemed to be taking its time, and I sadly miscarried. Due to other symptoms, I needed an investigation. I was told I would not be able to get pregnant naturally again due to scar tissue and blocked fallopian tubes, and IVF was my best chance. As I already had a son, we would have to pay for this privately.

I was devastated; I had always wanted at least 2 children. I then found out that Jacque was now doing Hypnofertility and decided to go and see her. I prefer the natural approach and found the idea of IVF too invasive and too medicalised; I had strong feelings that I wanted a baby created out of an act of love rather than in a test tube, even though I was well aware that my husband & I would be creating a baby in a loving relationship.

Jacque was fantastic! She listened when I wanted to speak, was non-judgmental & we went through many guided hypnotherapy sessions, that all helped relax me, heal from the emotional and physical scars. Soon I stopped feeling that each period was a failure, but that with each period I was getting closer to my baby. Soon I had the wonderful news we had been wanting, I was pregnant again! And 9 months later we had a beautiful baby girl!”

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