Affirmations for Exam Success

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As the lockdown landscape changes for all of us, and especially students whose studies have been interrupted, ongoing self-motivation can be a challenge.

Many older students are largely studying alone in their bedroom, with little guidance. The online technology that we all advised they use less of is now the students’ lifeline—to finishing their classes, getting ready for exams or university and keeping in touch with friends and family.

A few years ago, I did some work with the local grammar school to help students approaching exam time. As part of their Enrichment classes, I taught students relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis and mindfulness. I also wrote and recorded an affirmations track to help improve their self-esteem, concentration, motivation, memory and more, whenever they needed a boost.

As I thought about what I could add next to my ongoing freebie contributions in these challenging times, I remembered this affirmations track.

How can affirmations help?

Well the more you think in a positive way the more positive you will feel. Affirmations can help you to focus more on the positives in your life. They can help you become more aware of the thoughts that are not serving you well and allow you to start thinking, and feeling, more confident.

The more negative thoughts you have, the lower your self-esteem becomes and the worse you may feel. As a result, you send messages to your unconscious mind to think and behave in a negative way. This can lead you to feeling insecure, anxious or worthless. And that is not a great way to feel.

When you adjust your inner dialogue, it needs to happen on the conscious and subconscious level for meaningful change to take place. Hence repeatedly listening to positive affirmations can really help. When you change your thoughts with positive affirmations you will feel happier and more confident. And who doesn’t want that?

So, if that excites or intrigues you, here it is with my compliments, for any students, young or mature, who could do with a little boost.



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